- Carl Tatz
“There is no more important element in a control room than accurate monitoring.”
How would you like your monitoring to be perfect
…with or without buying new monitors?
TEC Award-winning studio designer and creator of the PhantomFocus System
The Show – an award-winning CTD MixRoom™ featuring the new Silver PhantomFocus Monitors, Carl Tatz Edition Dual 15-800 workstation by Argosy, PhantomFocus monitor stands by Sound Anchor and the PhantomFocus eChair
Introducing PhantomFocus by Carl Tatz Design
        The        PhantomFocus        System        is        a revolutionary   custom   turnkey   protocol   for professional    studio    monitor    optimization for   those   who   desire   the   highest   level   of monitoring   accuracy   and   performance   –   in a    bedroom    or    world-class    control    room. Hardware        includes        dual        subwoofer modules,     the     PhantomFocus     Processor; PhantomFocus     monitor     stands     and     the PhantomFocus     eChair™     –     the     ultimate monitoring experience.
“He could be the most important man in the audio profession.”
- Dave Pensado speaking about Carl Tatz - Pensado’s Place Episode 305
About Carl Tatz and PhantomFocus
Carl Tatz is the award-winning studio designer and principal of Nashville-based Carl Tatz Design LLC. Drawing upon his thirty plus years of experience as a GRAMMY®-nominated engineer/producer, award-winning commercial studio owner (Recording Arts) and recipient of the 2013 TEC Award for his proprietary turnkey MixRoom™ design for Vintage King Nashville, he has shared his unique acoustic approach in lectures and on panels at such esteemed venues as Berklee College of Music, SAE, Summer NAMM and The NAMM Show, the Art Institute, Mix Nashville, EARS Chicago, Blackbird Academy and various AES events. His design work encompasses commercial, educational, personal recording studios and private screening rooms and is the creator of the PhantomFocus System monitor tuning protocol and PhantomFocus line of High Definition – Precision Monitoring Instruments. Credits: 2013 TEC Award for Studio Design Eight Time Recipient of Mix Magazine Class Of Issue Creator of the PhantomFocus System monitoring protocol Creator of the PhantomFocus line of High Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments Co-designer of the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ acoustic modules by Auralex® Co-designer of the Carl Tatz Edition line of workstations by Argosy Co-designer of the PhantomFocus System eChair™ Co-designer of the PhantomFocus speaker stand by Sound Anchor
Pictured L-R: Carl Tatz and multi-award-winning engineer Dave Pensado in front of his Carl Tatz Edition™ Dual 15-800 workstation by Argosy Console at the Fab Factory, Los Angeles Watch Dave talk about his Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Console
Studio Owners and Engineers Talk About PhantomFocus
“The PFS is absolutely remarkable. Looking back I feel  like I was mixing with only  a 3- pack of Crayola Crayons, but now I've got the entire spectrum to work  with which is so much more exciting.”   Eric Brengle –  Engineer/Producer/Artist, Owner NashvilleMix
“After hearing a PhantomFocus System using NS10Ms, I was very impressed, and frankly, I didn’t expect to be... Awesome!” – Elliot Scheiner – Engineer/ Producer (The Eagles, Steely Dan, Foo Fighters) 
“After hearing so much about the PFS from people whose ears I trust, I was eager to hear the system for myself. Sure enough, the PFS was so far beyond my expectations that it’s difficult to express. It has unparalleled pinpoint stereo imagery and a depth of field that has to be heard to be believed. Finally, it’s now possible to really hear all those sonic layers that you take so much time building.” – Bobby Owsinski – Engineer/Author
"The Phantom Focus™ Monitoring System has allowed our students to hear a clear and accurate representation of their projects and course work. The PFS Ultra High   Definition 8004  Precision Monitors , have been a crucial component of our students development." – Dr. Doug Bielmeyer – Engineer/Educator, Perdue University, Indianapolis
“It’s as advertised.” – James Johnson – Musical Director and Chief Engineer, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Westport, CT
“Carl's PhantomFocus MixRoom with the PhantomFocus System is a quantum leap, another dimension in audio with pinpoint timbral and imaging clarity that is ruthlessly accurate - like nothing I have heard anywhere. An environment this inspiring is hard to leave at days end." Tom  Snider Composer/Engineer, Owner,  The New Room
“The PhantomFocus System is incredibly transparent. When you sit in the sweet spot you can almost reach out and touch the individual tracks. Carl has perfected the art of a professional, accurate listening environment.” – Jay DeMarcus – Engineer/ Producer - Founding Member of Rascal Flatts, Owner of The Grip
This is Carl's best studio yet for me, and I could not be happier with all aspects, including the insanely impressive PFS. My only complaint is that the room is so beautifully comfortable, I have a hard time getting clients to leave after after we're done working." Bob Bullock – Engineer/Producer, Owner Cool Springs Mix (Shania Twain, George Strait, Reba McEntire)
Ken Scott Bob Bullock Bobby Owsinski
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Get this FREE report to see how the PhantomFocus system is blowing peoples’ minds!
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Or call (615) 400-5479 for more information
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