“He could be the most important man in the audio profession.”
- Dave Pensado speaking about Carl Tatz - Pensado’s Place Episode 305
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PhantomFocus eChair  The       PhantomFocus       eChair™        is       the perfect      companion      for,      and      now      an integral       part,       of       the       revolutionary PhantomFocus         System         (PFS)          for professional   audio   monitoring   from   Carl Tatz    Design    (CTD) .    The    PhantomFocus eChair       is       the       world's       first       chair specifically    designed    and    built    for    the recording   engineer   and   is   now   available to   all   serious   recording   professionals   at shop.carltatzdesign.com.  
The News Room – CTD MixRoom™ Nashville, TN with a Silver Mesh Porcelain eChair™
PhantomFocus Monitor Stand  Sound     Anchor     PhantomFocus™     Stands     are     a special    version    of    the    ADJ1    Stands.    They    were developed   to   help   renowned   studio   designer   Carl Tatz      to      precisely      position      speakers      for      his PhantomFocus System (PFS) speaker placement. Purchase at: shop.carltatzdesign.com .
Carl Tatz Edition Workstations  The   Carl   Tatz   Edition   custom   trim   package   adds a   beautiful   mahogany   desktop   and   end   panels   to the   Dual   15-800,   Dual   15K-800,   Dual   15L-800 and    Dual    15KL-800    work    stations,    all    ideally suited for PhantomFocus monitoring. Purchase at: shop.carltatzdesign.com .
Carl Tatz Signature Series Kits Designed   in   conjunction   with   Carl Tatz,     the     TEC     Award-     Winning studio          designer,          GRAMMY ®    nominee      and      creator      of      the acclaimed   PhantomFocus   System studio    monitor    tuning    protocol, the    Carl    Tatz    Signature    Series™ Kit   by   Auralex ®    is   a   family   of   top- of-the-line        absorption/diffusion products   designed   specifically   for the          high-end          personal          or commercial control room. Combining        the        high        quality products    Auralex ®     is    known    for with       the       experience       of       this legendary            designer,            we’ve innovated         a         complementary series    of    products    that    can    turn any    studio    control    room    into    a professional-looking                       and sounding environment. Each   panel   is   custom   built   with   12 stock    fabric    choices    (or    further options            available            through Guilford        of        Maine        Acoustic Fabrics) to    accent    existing    décor, or   to   create   a   completely   unique vision.   To   help   take   your   studio   to the   next   level,   both   aesthetically and   sonically,   look   no   further   than the    Carl    Tatz    Signature    Series™ from Auralex ®
PhantomFocus System (PFS) Any room/any monitors!  The    PhantomFocus™    System    is    a    revolutionary custom    turnkey    protocol    for    professional    studio monitor    optimization    for    those    who    desire    the highest       level       of       monitoring       accuracy       and performance     –     in     a     bedroom     or     world-class control   room.   Hardware   includes   dual   subwoofer modules,           the           PhantomFocus           Processor; PhantomFocus         monitor         stands         and         the PhantomFocus   eChair™   –   the   ultimate   monitoring experience.   Contact:   Carl   Tatz   Design   (615)   400- 5479
Chante Pejuta – a CTD MixRoom™, Aspen Co featuring ADAM S3X-H monitors in a PhantomFocus System
PhantomFocus System  Step-by-Step Process for Existing Control Rooms 1.   Consultation   via   phone   assisted   by   client-provided   photos   and   room   dimensions   to   qualify   that   the   space   is   PFS ready    prior    to    CTD    onsite    arrival.    Suggestions    may    be    made    relative    to    wiring,    console    position,    acoustics    and various   other   logistics   unique   to   the   room.   The   goal   is   to   inform   both   studio   owner   and   CTD   what   to   expect   upon arrival. 2.       CTD       team       arrives       to       perform       installation       (typical       two       day       process).       Implementation       includes monitor/console/listening   positioning   relative   to   axial   modes   and   boundary   effect   calculations,   alignment   via   the CTD LaserQuad ™ system, monitor and subwoofer mounting, phase correction and tuning. 3. System commissioning, client tutorial, and hand-off to completion
PhantomFocus MixRoom  Your Space/Our Design  The      PhantomFocus      MixRoom™      combines      the PhantomFocus     System     with     our     TEC     Award- winning   MixRoom   concept.   Proven   and   repeatable acoustic       performance       designed       around       the monitoring     system     rather     than     the     other     way around,     renders     a     mix     environment     that     both inspires   the   engineer   and   impresses   his   clients   the ultimate monitoring environment. Contact: Carl Tatz Design (615) 400-5479
Emerald City – CTD MixRoom™ and full studio complex Nashville, TN
PFS HD-4002 & UHD 8004 Monitors
PhantomFocus System nXp Series High-Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments Carl Tatz Design  
PhantomFocus Monitors Preliminary - Visit Online Store for Full Specs
Tweeter - Proprietary 1" Ring Dome diaphragm  - Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor - Diffraction Damping Rubber Front - Patented Phase Plug Design/Max Power 150W - AirCirc Motor Design with 6 Neo magnets - Die Cast Rubber Painted Aluminum Face Plate
Overview The       PFS       HD-4002       High- Definition       Monitor       offers superb     vocal     rendition     and trademark         PFS         sonically holographic      imaging      at      all listening              levels              with accelerated      response      time and      tightly      controlled      mid bass         response,         revealing effortless                  performance beyond      that      of      traditional high       and       mid       frequency driver      motor      capability      as part    of    a    turnkey    precision instrument ensemble. The   PFS   nXp   Series   HD-4002 High-Definition       system       is completed    with    the    addition of          the          PFS-HD          4002 Amp/Processor,                HD-12 IMPACT™     Subwoofers     and PFS Monitor Stands   Specifications Cabinet: 1.5” dual tapered port, ¾” MDF self-bracing trapezoidal design passive loud speaker, low profile D’Appolito array Frequency Response: 20Hz – +30KHz in-system Crossover: Mid/High 2.6kH/12dB octave Sensitivity: 91dB Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm Amplification: 400 Watts Maximum Continuous SPL:  110dB Dimensions: HWD 8.2x17.8x12.2 Weight: 24.2 lbs Contact: Carl Tatz Design for info (615) 400-5479
Woofer (2) - Proprietary 5.63" Uniflow™ aluminum diecast    chassis - High flux ferrite double magnet system - 3" large Hexatech™ aluminum voice coil - High power handling (1000 Watt Transient)
Contact: Carl Tatz Design for information and pricing: (615) 400-5479
Get this FREE report to see how the PhantomFocus system is blowing peoples’ minds!
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Or call (615) 400-5479 for more information
Get this FREE report to see how the PhantomFocus system is blowing peoples’ minds!
Send me the Report!
Or call (615) 400-5479 for more information
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